This is just pure beauty. Featuring the deep and emotive vocals of And Is Phi, sink deep into the magic of Sunshine by Hector Plimmer…

“We’re delighted to premiere the title track, a slow throbbing and beautifully minimal production lead by the dissolving hypnotic vocals of And Is Phi. From the first note you can almost see the picture Plimmer is sonically trying to paint. Over a heavy kick drum, harmonised synths creep gently into the headway like early-morning rays through half open blinds; yet it is And Is Phi’s opening to her soliloquy and Fatima-esque vibratos that give the track it’s extra definition. A blissfully ambient five minutes.” Stamp The Wax

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“…abstract trip-hop infused sound lovingly gliding over the hypnotic drum kicks and minimal electronic backing.” Twisted Soul

“Unh huh….. SEXXXXXY. 9/10” Mike Stukes  Mystic Vybes  WHCR 90.3 FM

“Beautiful record – one of the best of 2017.” John Cush, Shoreditch Radio

“A beautiful and emotional piece of music… And Is Phi’s voice is soul-touching!” Dr. Best, Radio Z, Germany