This week we launch pre-orders for the first Modified Man EP.

Modifications: Set 1 is a diverse set of tracks recorded over the last 18 months as Dave Koor and Scrimshire found their feet, writing together for the first time.

Among these six tracks we have Modification 1, the very first step into this new project, the first composition and experiment. Every part of this track was made as live. Even down to Scrimshire manipulating the tape echo on Dave Koor’s Rhodes solo as an integral part of the solo, each responding to the other. This set out the concept for all that came after.

Alongside it you will find broken beats (Questionable Things, System Is Fatal) a deep, deep Cobham cover (Stratus), some overloaded, synth-bass-down-tempo weirdness (Hythe Path) and bubbling, ambient soundscaping (Fractus).

Pre-order the 12″ or digital EP today and get Stratus (Part 1 & 2) immediately.

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