There are no neon signs in Thornton Heath. Or flying cars. Deckard’s apartment seems years away, a futuristic vision of a world that is decades ahead, but which we definitely and defiantly march toward.

Surrounded by the quiet streets and gentle suburbia of South London, Modified Man are creating. Each Modification harks back to the days of Vangelis, drenched in analogue synths and haunting melodies. The whirring of the reel to reel sat in the corner of the studio would be hypnotic, save for the crunchy drums that are being processed through it. Deep dubby delays and spring reverbs pulsate with fervour to the signal running through them, creating textures and patterns that blossom and swell within.

Made up of Adam Scrimshire and Dave Koor, Modified Man are a South London based duo intent on creating deeply soulful music that would be as at home in the seventies as it would be right now. Modern production techniques and vintage instruments are combined into seamless tracks, as machines are played  live in single takes, avoiding loops wherever creatively possible. Homage is paid to their favourite composers and producers, and the music is full of vibe and atmosphere. You can almost hear the cars flying past.

Prepare for the Modifications.