The fifteen track beat tape is available as a download for free/name-your-price. Two-track 7″ vinyl is also available featuring Mind Field and This Is The One. Get it from these shops…

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The first hint of the ‘Sub Plot’ beat tape came late last year with the much loved Mind Field/This Is The One release. Now we are proud to present to you, in its entirety, a fifteen track collection full of soul and feeling, lovingly made over the last few years in a flat in Honor Oak, South London.

‘Sub Plot’ is as forward thinking as it is homage to the greats and pioneers of the 60’s and 70’s, and so we figured it was a good way for you to get to know Jonny and where his heart lies. It turns out it is deep in dusty record crates, drummers that brought you the original break beats, and deeply soulful music from around the world.

Drumming Man

Though Jonny has clearly put the hours in developing a style and technique very much his own, his influences, including Nightmares On Wax, Kruder and Dorfmeister, Fila Brazilia and Kid Loco can all be heard in here.

Jonny Drop himself is a ridiculously experienced drummer, as accustomed to providing the backbone to live shows from Andrew Ashong, Connie Constance and The Gene Dudley Group as he is deconstructing classic soul and funk with his own band The Expansions.

Samples, Synths, Drums

But within ‘Sub Plot’ it is a pleasure to hear him stretch out as a producer, layering samples flipped from his extensive record collection, with synth bass lines and pads, augmenting those classic rhythms with his own.

Over the 15 tracks you not only get a mix of warm and soulful instrumental hip-hop and deep spacey atmospherics, but words and ideas conveyed from some of Jonny’s all-time heroes.

An impeccable and heartfelt introduction, we think, as Jonny Drop the producer moves from being a sub plot, to the big story.

“A really talented musician, absolutely loving that” Lauren Laverne, BBC Radio 6 Music

“Both really good pieces of production , maybe my fave being “Mind field” will support on my many ventures around the world.” Nightmares On Wax

“Love the Jonny Drop release – quality instrumental hip hop with a big slice of soul. Full support.” Aly Gillani, First Word Records

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Lauren Laverne, BBC Radio 6 Music (UK)

Huey Morgan, BBC Radio 6 Music (UK)

Dom Servini, Amazing Radio (London)

Chris Murray, Morning Show, Amazing Radio (London)

Mark Ryan, Amazing Beats, Amazing Radio (London)

Kev Beadle, Mind Fluid (UK)

David Cullen, Transmission Two, Oban FM (UK)

Robert Lochman, Radio X (Frankfurt)

B.R.B Session, Republic 100.3 (Greece)

Sven Thomschke, ‘Limbo Rhythm’ Radio Z 95.8 (Nuernberg/Germany)

Jason Pulaski, Innamissions, kuci 88.9fm (USA)

Simon Harrison, Basic Soul Radio (Leeds, UK)


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“Killer mixtape business. Heavenly grooves with such an authentic soulful vibe.” Michel Massimino, Jalapeno Records (UK)

“Thanks for this, great release. Really love ‘Vinyl Destination’” Pedestrian, Bristol (UK)

“I just didn’t notice how time went – from first to the last tune. Man, can’t wait to play these lovely beats to my show’s listeners!” Dobo Marzov, The “45 RPM” Radio Show, Radio Varna (Bulgaria)

“A superb album! Love the soulful, deep groovin’ vibe of JONNY DROP’s productions.” Sven Thomschke, Dr. Best, Radio Z 95.8 Nuremburg (Germany)

“Soundz of Jonny Drop are always my favs, needing ‘good food’ for ears and my heart&soul! Super Curt, Vinyl Destination (…moves me), Everyone, Billy’s Girl, Mind Field…!” Cesare Cera, IRMA Group (Italy)

“Excellent mixtape and I loved every track. This week’s show kicks off with “vinyl destination”” Simon Harrison, Basic Soul Radio Show (UK)



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