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“Reminds me of those glorious days of spinning Dego & Kaidi 12″s. Great blend of lush musicianship and hefty drums.” Titeknots


“Sumptuous blend of synth heaven” Nemone, BBC Radio 6 Music

The first EP from Albert’s Favourites’ synth-production duo Modified Man focuses on; analogue sounds, throwing out heavy editing, recording music with as few processes as possible and grabbing performances as single takes.

Modifications: Set 1 is a diverse set of tracks recorded over the last 18 months as Dave Koor and Scrimshire found their feet, writing together for the first time.

Ambient Soundscaping

Among these six tracks we have Modification 1, the very first step into this new project, the first composition and experiment. Every part of this track was made as live. Even down to Scrimshire manipulating the tape echo on Dave Koor’s Rhodes solo as an integral part of the solo, each responding to the other. This set out the concept for all that came after.

Alongside it you will find broken beats (Questionable Things, System Is Fatal) a deep, deep Cobham cover (Stratus), some overloaded, synth-bass-down-tempo weirdness (Hythe Path) and bubbling, ambient soundscaping (Fractus).

About Modified Man

Dave Koor is a prolific keys player as part of The Expansions, and in the live bands of Connie Constance, Andrew Ashong and The Gene Dudley Group with fellow label founder Jonny Drop. Adam Scrimshire cut his teeth with solo project Scrimshire (a Gilles Peterson, Don Letts and Huey Morgan favourite) as well as running the Wah Wah 45s record label, home to Dele Sosimi, The Milk, Resonators and Paper Tiger. Both love playing soul records in public and trying to count to free jazz.

The Modified Man duo announced their arrival last year with a remix for legendary Fela Kuti collaborator Dele Sosimi. Eschewing sampling elements of the original, for reinterpreting passages from scratch with their synths, surrounding it in a deep, broken-soul sound.

The Modified Man mix is one of the best broken tracks I’ve heard in a while” Patrick Forge (Mi Soul/NTS)

With Stratus, their first release on Albert’s Favourites, the south London record label they co-founded with Jonny Drop, Modified Man continued to pay homage to their influences.

Acknowledging the analytical commitment to re-interpreting soul-jazz classics demonstrated by Marc Mac (4Hero), the uncompromising digital punch of broken-beat godfathers Bugz In The Attic, the canny ear for hypnotic loops mastered by Massive Attack and, of course, the futuristic, experimental brilliance of drum-legend Billy Cobham.

Modified Man’s sound straddles decades. By surrounding themselves in tapes, synths, microphones and reverb boxes, they’ve sought, not to wallow in nostalgia, but to grab some physical, real energy from solid objects, each with their own personalities, making a declaration about the future. One of physical expression in a digital era.

Modification 1 and Stratus (part one and two) are a part of a 12” EP out this summer.

“Perfectly merging the sound of broken beat and future jazz, the tune is a lush ride powered with twisted synths to atmospheric keys, sharp drum thumps and wobbling bass tones that would make Herbie Hancock gloriously smile.” ColoRising

“Fantastic!  Definitely got your Headhunters on!” Ashley Beedle

“Lovely work! Definite support!” Osunlade

“Crisp, lush, transportive. Timeless. ★★★★★” DJ Nutritious

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Lauren Laverne, BBC Radio 6 Music (UK)

Nemone, BBC Radio 6 Music (UK)

Wah Wah Radio (UK)

Dom Servini, Amazing Radio (UK)

Kev Beadle, Mind Fluid Radio (UK)


DJ Mr Lob (Australia)

Michael Jukes, 1 Brighton FM (UK)

David Cullen, Transmission Two, Oban FM (UK)

Dr. Best, Radio Z 95.8, Nuernberg (Germany)

Simon Harrison, Basic Soul Radio Show (UK)

Shep Kennedy, Likwid London (UK)

Frank Foreal, Expedition Radio (US)


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“Dope! Love it.” Gilla, First Word Records

“Cool stuff!” Detroit Swindle

“I’m supporting this fully. Love it its so right up my street.” Rebecca Vasmant, Schiehallion Record Company

“If you want to make an impossible trip in the electronic maze …… listen this EP!” Cesare Cera, Black Mighty Wax

“ESSSSSENTIAL!!!!! In the box for sure.” Mike Stukes, Mystic Vybes WHCR 90.3 FM (NY)

“Here we go with the post-modern Herbietronic boogie” Gerry Hectic

“Stratus is amazing and I am really loving that tune!” DJ Nelito

“Some broken beat bubbling goodness that I can definitely appreciate. The acid elements are tastefully dropped in the mix as are those Rhodes sound nuggets!”Baz Hickey, 45Live

“Really love it, quite different and a great mix of genres yet with originality that is getting increasingly harder to find” DJ Dapper Dan

“Banger” Pete Buckenham, On The Corner Records

“‘Stratus’ is…something brilliant!!!” Cesare Cera, IRMA

“Great reinterpretation of a timeless classic.” Mike Stukes Mystic Vybes WHCR 90.3FM



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