Ever Heavier

Modified Man’s sound straddles decades.

By surrounding themselves in tapes, synths, microphones and reverb boxes, they’ve sought not to wallow in nostalgia, but to grab some physical, real energy from solid objects, each with their own personalities, making a declaration about the future. One of physical expression in a digital era.

Modifications: Set 2 features six tracks, travelling between boogie, house and broken beat, grounded in keyboard experimentation and sound exploration. While their soul and jazz roots are not lost in this more direct set of tracks, pieces like Vanilla Gorilla drive harder than earlier releases, layering ever-heavier beats on top of each other to an energetic and powerful effect.

Mechanical Sunset

Kingswood Drive and Accidental Return were an early teaser of this new set, due in April. Displaying their signature analogue sounds and arpeggios, alongside broken beats and soul, you wouldn’t be alone in hearing the influences of Dam Funk, Herbie Hancock or Bugz In The Attic coming through on these two.

Elsewhere more jittery, playful rhythms underpin Croydon Rooftop Café Culture. As well as in the calming and ethereal Prints On The Heath, a subtle tribute to mutual hero Prince, who passed away on the unusually prolific day this and two other, currently unreleased, tracks were written and recorded.

Throughout the EP the duo nod at their London home from the “Heath” to Kingswood Drive and more obviously Croydon itself. The sound of South London is threaded throughout this record with pride. Even down to the mechanical sunset sound of EP finale Thorns, capturing some of the essence of the studio view over London from their high point on the hill in Thornton Heath.


The artwork for this release and the forthcoming series of EPs was conceived with South London artists and designer Tim Easley. The work is made completely from Plasticine, drawing influences from the circuitry inside the Modified Man studio, but also a classic scene from Superman where he is consumed by a computer gaining sentience.

The complete work will be revealed over the coming EPs. Find out more about Tim Easley over here.

A Few Words On The First Set

The first EP from Albert’s Favourites co-founders and synth-production duo Modified Man focused on throwing out heavy editing, recording music with as few processes as possible and grabbing performances as single takes.

Blending warped cassette recordings that touched upon early jazz-funk/brit-funk influences with the energy of broken beat and experimental electronica, won them support from Patrick Forge, Osunlade, Thris Tian, Yam Who? and Titeknots to name a few.

Since that release they premiered new track Thorns live on Boiler Room, going on to deliver a full, three-hour live performance and DJ set for the infamous global community.

They also provided remixes for Dele Sosimi, Amp Fiddler, Makadem & Behr and Hector Plimmer, meanwhile, busily preparing a series of four, six-track vinyl EPs which will be released over the next 18 months.

“Reminds me of those glorious days of spinning Dego & Kaidi 12″s. Great blend of lush musicianship and hefty drums.” Titeknots

“Fantastic!  Definitely got your Headhunters on!” Ashley Beedle

“Sumptuous blend of synth heaven” Nemone, BBC Radio 6 Music



“…A gorgeous, celestial analogue jam. The beats are as broken as they are soulful, but the whole thing is underpinned by this serene sort of energy.” Ransom Note on Kingswood Drive



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Huey Morgan, BBC Radio 6 music

David Bassin, KUSF

Wicked Jazz Sounds, Amsterdam



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