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“Embrace this brooding, five-minute synth serenade.” Boiler Room

Evolve And Soar

Modified Man follow up from last years ‘Modifications: Set 1’ EP with a deep cut of abstract synth-based groove.  Swirling patterns grow and blossom amongst filtered arpeggios alongside the sound of lasers and distant rumbling, and as the sounds develop they get closer and finally reveal their true form. A spine-tingling build announces the arrival of the bass and drums, and the track is finally given room to breathe. Lush pads and haunting lead lines are now the emphasis, allowing synth lines to evolve and soar. As the track breaks down to the close, it leaves you with an intense memory of what came before, instantly beckoning you to have another listen.

Modified Man, comprised of Adam Scrimshire and Dave Koor, are a South London based duo intent on creating deeply soulful music that would be as at home in the early eras of synths and electronica as it would be right now. Modern production techniques and vintage instruments are combined into seamless tracks, as everything is played completely live and with no loops. Homage is paid to their favourite composers and producers, and the music is full of vibe and atmosphere.


“Weird, psychedelic, bassy and ultimately danceable. Straight in the box!” John Cush, Shoreditch Radio

“Eclectic and intriguing electronic music at its finest.” Jaheire


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