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Written and recorded in April 2013, we have been badgering away trying to get this release ready for you. And after a few delays, a lot of discussions, many days of mixing and many days of spray-painting, it’s ready! So here it is. Enjoy. Thank you.

Lavender – This was released earlier this year, and we were so overwhelmed with the response it got, we decided to bring it back and give it a full release… “kick back, relax and soak up the sunshine in audio form!” – Rob Coley (The Jazz Meet)

It is joined by three other tracks:

Sandworms – Originally recorded in 1977 by David Matthews for the album ‘Dune’ on CTI records. Many of you may know it in its sampled form, having been used by Large Professor and Method Man/Redman and Pete Rock amongst many others. It’s a classic and we wanted to have a go at it!

Lemon Squash – This Blaxploitation inspired funk tune was conceived in just 1 evening. We were in a different rehearsal space for the night and it kinda just happened. We think it’s pretty funky!

Tokyo – This is one of our favourites, even though Dave doesn’t really like it…! It’s a bit Latin, it’s a bit Funk, and it has a lovely drum break in the middle. Standard.

So that pretty much sums it up, other than that enjoy, share, spread love and feel free to contribute if you would like! Thanks for listening.