Pre-order Breakthrough vinyl and digital

The Expansions and their music are central to the existence of Albert’s Favourites. So it’s a big deal that their album is just about ready, and even more so that we’re about to release their first music on the label.

Breakthrough is a beautiful, soulful exploration extending to nearly eight minutes. But we felt it would be amazing on a 7″ and the band were happy to oblige with a shortened arrangement, which they stepped back into the live room to record in just a couple of takes.

“Exudes all the qualities I cherish most in music, warmth, integrity and a dedication to the groove… it’s a hard road to travel when you step in the footprints of giants, The Expansions are treading that path with ease and assurance.” Patrick Forge

“I love The Expansions their futuristic leanings inject new life into the form. Fresh material!” Ian Merchant, Black Acre

The single will be out on December 1st and pre-orders are up today. More news is to follow, but get your pre-orders in now. We only have a limited number available direct, but you can find vinyl in all good record stores at the end of this month.

Pre-order Breakthrough vinyl and digital

“Coming off something like the UK’s more jazz-funk fueled answer to BBNG, all four quarters of this monstrous unit are on point on this hugely anticipated release. There’s got to be a very special long-player in the works, and I for one can’t wait to immerse myself in that!” Dom Servini, Wah Wah 45s

“So happy the Expansions are back with new material, and this track doesn’t disappoint! A laid-back, funky, effortless groove with Dave Koor’s signature keyboard stylings tying it all together.” Anne Frankenstein, Jazz FM